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August, 2010

August is Water Conservation Month (WCM)
Save Water, Save Money

Did you know that despite all the rain we get on the coast, Lincoln County’s water resources become scarce during the high demand summer months? Several projection and feasibility studies have assessed potential solutions to this regional challenge, and more are certain to come in the future. However, water conservation is an economical first step towards reducing water waste, saving money and growing sustainably.

August has been designated Water Conservation Month (WCM) to spearhead public awareness, local capacity building and conservation action! Several local groups are working together to get the word out about saving water. Events and promotions include: a rainwater harvesting demonstration at the Town & Country Fair, various local business participation to reduce water consumption, landscaping with native plants, and utilizing water bills to foster conservation.

We hope that WCM inspires other groups and individuals to take action and conserve water in their own homes, neighborhoods and communities. Please visit or call Lincoln SWCD at: 541.265.2631 for more information. Project sponsors: Lincoln County Solid Waste District, Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District, and OSU Extension.


July, 2010

Parks Commission Working on
Updating Parks System Master Plan

The Parks Commission has just begun working on updating the Parks System Master Plan. Keep your eye on the current agenda, and attend a meeting to share your ideas! The Parks Commission meets the third Wednesday of every month at 5:30 PM at City Hall.


July, 2010

Water, Wastewater, and Storm Drain Master Plans
to be Adopted

The City Council is considering adoption of updated Water, Wastewater, and Storm Drain Master Plans. You can review the proposed updates at City Hall. Got questions? Ask them at the August 17, 2010 Council meeting! (7:00 PM at City Hall)


July, 2010

Water/Sewer Rate Increase

Water and Sewer rates are going up for the first time in nearly 10 years! The new rates are effective September 1, 2010.







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